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Custom Dynatrace OneAgent plugin & history disappears?


Heya folks,


I'm developing a few plugins and had an interesting experience yesterday...  The /var disk space filled up and (I think) my plugins couldn't write to their log files.  When that happened the plugins seemed to cease to exist under the Host in Dynatrace.  After pulling out my hair for a bit, I noticed the disk space issue and got it resolved, and my plugins seemed to reappear after a short while.  All historical data was gone...

When a plugin ceases to function, does Dynatrace remove the Metrics it was providing, and if so - is there a way to prevent that behavior? I'd rather the host show a plugin was once there even if it's not currently reporting data, and if there's an interruption I don't want to lose historical data when I get the plugin working again...


Community Team
Community Team

Hi everyone, seems like we have one more thread which would look way nicer with some tips or thoughts about subject mentioned above! Feel free to share anything which is on your mind 😊

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