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Custom Plugin didn't seems to monitored all the process in easyTravel Demo?

This is the snippet I read from the documentation,

In the demo site I can see a custom plugin "JMX-Tomcat" uploaded, but yet when I take a good look again, out of the 48 tomcat process only 14 of them got the metrics collected by this plugin.

So if I understanding this correctly, that means the other 34 tomcat process simply doesn't has the metrics 'RequestCount' and 'Busy Threads Count'.

But these 2 metrics are very generic and should be available to all kind of processes isn't? Can anybody helps me to understand what's going on in the easyTravel demo site there?




@Chan Wai K. can you pull the latest version of the plugin and see if you still get the same issue? This issue might have been solved in the newest release.