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Dynatrace API Key Requests / Service Method entity listing

What we are trying to achieve is getting a list/report of response time metrics (max, min, 90 percentile) for all incoming URI's. Cleared of stuff making it unique off course. (/someuri/theid/thing becomes /someuri/.../thing)

Using key requests we can almost achieve this, but not yet automated. As we have to define all key requests manually.
Q1: would it be possible to have some automatic rule creating key requests? Maybe a rule that creates a key request of everything which shows up in the top 10.
For this application the amount of unique url's is not that large, so we wouldn't even mind in having every url in the resulting report.

Credits for this question pointing me in the right direction:

Q2: How would we get a list of the details of all servicemethods (key requests)?
The following screenshot shows a postman request which I use to get the timeseries of all servicemethods.

Works well, but as datapoint I get the SERVICE_METHOD id and I don't know where to translate it back to the human readable name (aka the URI in our case)

I would expect the entity api, but that doesn't seem to work. "/api/v1/entity/servicemethods" does not exist. Maybe this would be an RFE or future thing.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Bert,

Let me answer your questions:

Q1: That's not possible for now as this would be very dangerous in terms of explosion of key requests.

Q2: We are already aware of that issue and I already planned a story for giving you more details about the key requests and also the link to the parent service.

Best regards,


Ok, thanks. Keep me posted.

Hi @wolfgang B.

Please can you explain more detail why the creation of many key request is very dangerous? What could impact?

Best regards,



Hi Bert,

Re: Q2 I had this problem also. Scroll down, there should be an entity array at the bottom of the JSON response that lists the entities where you can map entity ID to human readable URI.


Thanks, Kyle.

I missed that indeed. But exactly what I was looking for.

Frequent Guest

Hi @Bert_VanderHeyd @krokkas - Could you please share the API to list the service methods? The screenshot of postman is too blurry. I'm trying to solve similar problem and stuck at finding an API to list Service Methods for a given service. 



follow up on this, is there a solution to get human readable method, eg. URI or method name for all methods? 

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