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Dynatrace Cordova Multi Environment Configuration


"Dynatrace Cordova Plugin configuration is not available! Skip Updating Files" is the error in our TeamCity buildlog. This error doesn't occur when I place my dynatrace.config next to config.xml. Since we are monitoring multiple environments - and the dynatrace.config for each environment is different - I have created 2 separate dynatrace-env1.config and dynatrace-env2.config next to config.xml. Is there a work around to get both the environment configurations to work ?


You want to have option to use config for PROD and NONPROD and pick it on build time?


Yes, if I'm able to choose to hit dynatrace-preprod.config for the pre-prod build and dynatrace-prod.config for the prod build in Teamcity that should provide a solution I believe

It seems it's not possible. What I'm thinking about is if there is possibility to parametrise dynatrace.config file with some markup and overwrite values using teamcity. In such case you would have single config file with option to change values. I don't know teamcity so I cannot tell you if this is possible that way.