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Email Plugin Dynatrace


How to upload a plugin from Github to dynatrace.

Iam trying to upload the below plugin and getting the below error.

Error Details:


This plugin is for appmon nóg for Dynatrace, you cannot use it here.

Dynatrace has built in e-mail notification, you can use them. Just go to Settings => Integration => Problem notifications. There you have some extra options (not only E-mail as well).


Thanks for your inputs.

I am actually looking for an email plugin which can send notifications when there is a synthetic event failure. The existing option does not have fields like Body,bcc,cc,attachment option etc in my email.

Is there a custom plugin which can send the details over an email.

You can still use the same notification channel I’ve mentioned. First you have to configure your synthetic to raise problems in DT when it fails. After that you have to configure alerting profile for only this kind of alerts. After that configure Email notification for this alerting profile. That’s all.




Iam currently working on configuring synthetic Monitoring for some of my applications.

In case of failure an email should be send to the recipients.

I checked the below link for the email configuration part.

We are not able to modify the contents of the email body. Iam interested in sending the exception details in a specific format. I am exploring options like Email plugin which can give me multiple options in an email.

Current feature has only "To","Cc" and "Subject". Looking for a feature that can send the email in a specific format.


I also have a requirement to customize the email body, content and format (plain text). 

The available placeholders do not provide me the ability to customize content as desired.