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Generic Cisco extension shows wrong uptime


Hello Extension team,


I am using Generic Cisco device extension, I noticed that the the uptime it's showing for my router is wrong. Dynatrace need data being reported to the metric com.dynatrace.extension.snmp-generic-device.sys.uptime. This metric should report the time since the network management portion of the system was last re-initialized. The OID for this metric is

The problem is with, it is a 32 bit integer and shows in centiseconds, as a result it cannot go further than 497 days, it resets after that. uptime of the router which I am monitoring with Dynatrace is 1165 days but Dynatrace is showing 171 if we do the math 1165-(497x2)= 171.

The workaround that other monitoring tools like solarwinds are using is to use (snmpEngineTime) instead.

I have looked in Cisco backlog, it doesnt look like there is any apetite to fix, it would be great if you could change the extension to use istead.





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@nav has this been fixed in the latest update of the extension? If not I highly recommend tossing in a support ticket so Dynatrace and correct this for the next version of the extension. 


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