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JMX extension for weblogic listen port not getting right data


Hi All,

We have created JMX extension to fetch WebLogic server listen port. After running the extension we are getting different value (mismatch value). Is anybody come across such issue?




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I've never encountered 'wrong' data being pulled. JMX extensions are typically for returning metrics not something like that which I expect is a static value.


If you can provide the plugin.json file and a screenshot of what is being reported I can take a look.

Hi James,

Please have look on plugin file, value we are getting and actual value.

Given that that number is in the middle of the ranges showing up in that screenshot, my hypotheses would be that there are multiple Mbeans matching what the extension is collecting for and so it is aggregating them all up and reporting a single average value.

Right now that extension isn't set to split on any attributes as a dimension, so in that process any Mbeans under com.bea, with the 'type' property, and a ListenPort attribute are being averaged together and a single value reported for the process to Dynatrace.

Hi James,

We have done with split by dimension but now we are getting SSL Port instead of Listen Port.

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