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MongoDB Atlas Issue - able to collect a limited amount of data


Good morning.

I was trying to use the extension 2.0 for monitoring our atlas clusters, the extension in its core functionality seems to be working pretty well, the problem is that due to the amount of clusters we have and due to the atlas API rate limiting (Atlas allows up to 100 requests per minute per project), I'm only able to collect a limited amount of data.

The error message in extension logs:

*** Exception: "429 Client Error: Too Many Requests for url: https: ***

I was wondering if the dyantrace team is aware of this issue and there is a solution or  if I can expect a fix in the future.

I can think of either waiting a minute between requests when this error prompts or applying some kind of rotation system where the next execution starts where the last one stopped. (just some ideas)

After talking with the support via chat I might be able to apply some workaround by creating multiple configurations and playing around with the schedule but it doesn't seem an optimal scenario.

Best Regards,



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