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Need to monitor all SQL DBs in instance using SQL extension



I have many SQL DB servers.

I need to monitor all DBs in each SQL instance by Dynatrace extension. if I have 50 DB per instance for example, do I have to add every database one by one as an endpoint to monitor them (which is a huge effort).

As when I input "master DB" I couldn't get full metrics about user DBs in the instance. Also, can I use regex to help me in adding all instance DBs as a bulk?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Assuming we're referring to the ActiveGate extensions (not the OneAgent ones) could you clarify if this is for the MySQL or MSSQL/SQL Server extension?

yes, I mean activegate extension, not OneAgent and the DBs are Microsoft SQL.


@MahmoudMondi  we have approx. 500 MS SQL Servers in our organization hosting multiple DB’s. The ActiveGate plugin will give you an option when connecting to pull single db or all db’s on the DB instance. We were quite concerned initially but after working with our DBA’s closely we were told that master database will hold all the data that is needed and we don’t need to pull metrics for each instance. Hope this helps and wish you the best.


do you mean the check box shown in the attached file?
and do you use an official or customed extension?

as when I use these options it gives me little info about user DBs (not like info about master DB)


Capture (1).JPG

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