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PMI extensions - migration to EF2.0

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Dynatrace will discontinue support for PMI in Extension Framework 1.0 (EF1.0). We are currently working on replacement, that should be ready by end of the year. We will keep PMI EF1.0 functional until the new approach is ready and we'll provide sufficient grace period to migrate.


Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) is an IBM concept used mostly in context of WebSphere application server. 

What it means to our customers 

This means that PMI extensions need to be migrated around end of the 2024. Please already start planning that migration especially for custom extensions.    


We do not yet have committed timeline.

Alternative Solutions 

For WebSphere connection pools please use new extension Connection Pools: WebSphere Liberty.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

We have reassessed the approach to PMI extensions and revisited our decision on turning them off completely.
As a result this message have been edited, please find original content below.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 150222.png

Hi @michal_nalezin ,

In our case of our customer it's a problem that PMI support in Extension Framework 1.0 (EF1.0) is discontinued.

We created PMI extension for capturing PoolSize and FreePoolSize metrics for JCA WAS Hosts. PoolSize metric is captured with IBM WebSphere Application Server extension from Hub but FreePoolSize isn´t. So for that reason we created the PMI extension and captured this metric which is very important for us.

Add the new extension Connection Pools: WebSphere Liberty as it's suggested as alternative solution is not valid for us because we haven´t Liberty.

And as I told,  IBM WebShpere Application Server extension doesn´t have the two metric we need; FreePoolSize is missing.


Is any extension EF 2.0 thathave FreePoolSize metric for JCA WAS Host?


Thanks in advance.





We are (very specifically) interested by WAS PMI metric DeclaredThreadHungCount. We use WAS standard (not Liberty). We have a custom EFv1.0 PMI / JMX extension for this.

Could this metric be added to the (nice) ootb provided extension IBM WebSphere Application Server ? So we wouldn't have to migrate / re-develop a custom solution ?


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