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Possibility to retrieve Sting Value from JMX Plugin


Hi All,

Currently we are using AppMon 6.5 and we are using dynatrace SaaS.

We want to check the feasibility if dynatrace SaaS/Managed

1) Can retrieve String Values from JMX Metrics (Ex, Weblogic Health State)

2) Capture POST Request Body (JSON/XML) without creating any custom sensor for the specific method.

3) Compute two different JMX metrics value ( 1 JMX Value > 2 JMX Value or 1 JMX Value > (2 JMX Value *.80)

Point 1 & 3 are not possible currently with AppMon so we are trying to see if dynatrace SaaS and Managed can support.

Thank You





Actually I think answer to all three questions is no.

  1. This might be possible for string values where you know all possible values and they are strictly alphanumerical (no space or other characters). There is an option to have a statetimeseries value type, but you need to specify all possible values.
  2. I don't know of any possibility how to capture complete POST requests. With current oneagent plugin you can't build such functionality. What you can do, is to capture method parameters (for supported languages, such as Java).
  3. If this is possible, then it's not (yet) documented. Current alerting options (in oneagent plugins/jmx) are bound to single metric.

Hi Julius,

Did you managed to pull metrics out of the WebLogic with a JMX plugin that you built?

Prospect is interested in Data Store and other JMS measures

Yos @Gil G.

I have been able to retrieve numerical metrics from Tomcat without any problems. You just need to know the correct MBean domain and properties. You can find all the values for example using jconsole (part of JDK).
For examples just look at


We have tried without any luck

We hope that someone allready done it before and can share it with us


See my response in your thread and please post the output.

Saw it

Thanks !



Hi Julius,

Thanks for your quick response.

1) Yes, We do know all the possible values that we can get as a response from the respective Mbean but they contain special characters (Underscore "_"). Will the statetimeseries value type help here ?

Example : Health state value from Weblogic -

2) This is how we capture currently now in appMon by creating a custom sensor on the method argument or return value. So do we have any enhancement planned for dynatrace SaaS/Managed. As you can see from the AppMon forum this enhancement is outstanding for long time.

3) Thanks for the response.




This seems to be an old thread but I'll give it a try.

We have the same requirement to get the string value from a JMX (for a Weblogic as well). I read all the threads mentionned above but did not see any cues to a working answer. I also tried the "statetimeseries" but it does not seem to apply to JMX extensions.

Has anyone been able to do this ? If so, any hint for us would be appreciated.