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Using Generic DB Query Plugin with multiple databases and queries



We are using Generic DB Query Plugin and its behavior is strange - it is not working according to the documentation and configuration settings.

While there was just one endpoint and one query, everything worked as expected. There was one metric, and we customized the metadata for it - pretty name, units (seconds), dimensions, panels, and alerting.

Then, we created one more endpoint, that is completely different - it is gathering data from another database, with different metrics, dimensions, etc. Data is ingested correctly (based on the logs), but everything from all the queries is now mixed within that first metric created. Ie no new metrics are created from the value columns, all that is gathered is added to the first metric, and it is a mess.

Plugin documentation states that different metrics will be created. When I reached the Dynatrace team, they explained that the plugin could (for some reason) create only one metric and we are expected to differentiate by splitting. But how do we use different unit types (seconds, count, etc.) if this is a single metric? Alerting also works strangely as it triggers on data coming from various queries.

Does anybody have experience of using the DB Query Plugin with multiple databases and queries? How do we split the feeds into different metrics? Or is there an alternative to this plugin?

Thank you!


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

We have a 1 to 1 ratio - 1 query for 1 server as 1 Generic DB Extension Endpoint. We have not run into any issues.



Yes i agree. Everything is stored in custom.db.query metric but so it's quite difficult to manage it (filtering to select data for many dashboards).

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