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keymetrics with custom activegate extension issue

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I have a custom activegate extension that works fine. The "Keycharts" section I set "mergeaggregation" to "sum" because I want to know the total throughput of all 96 ports on the Cisco MDS switch. This works fine and I see 1.1 GB or so. The problem is the "Keymetrics" page shows the average across all 96 ports. I added a line called "aggregation" "sum" to fix this but it still isnt working and showing the "average" or all the ports but im still only seeing the per port averages. Is there not a way to make the keymetrics dropdown/etc show all the traffic and not an average?


This is in the plugin.json

"keymetrics" : [
"key": "cpu_utilization",
"displayname": "CPU utilization"
"key": "incoming_traffic",
"displayname": "Incoming traffic",
"mergeaggregation": "SUM",
"aggregation": "SUM"
"key": "outgoing_traffic",
"displayname": "Outgoing traffic",
"mergeaggregation": "SUM",
"aggregation": "SUM"


Here is the info on the keymetrics page:

CPU utilization, Incoming traffic, Outgoing traffic

Cisco_MDS - xxxx 
7.67% 11.5 MB
10 MB


Thanks everyone


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

@desjardd  What do you consider as the key metrics page?

The keymetrics session in the plugin.json is the blue square that you see with metrics on the Custom Device screen.

It is not the table you see on the Group page, are the numbers wrong on that blue square?