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oneagent plugin extension dependency on plugin_sdk & its demo app


how is uses of plugin-sdk limited to? i.e. is this for building/development of plugin extension only ? Or it also needs to be deployed on oneagent host production machine for plugin extension to function?

Another point is, i have also observed that dynatrace web server couldn't connect with plugin extension deployed on oneagent host until i start 'demo-app' using plugin_sdk tool. so wondering why demo-app launch is needed to function any plugin extension connectivity from oneagent host ? I have used extension v1.x with python technology to build plugin extension with entity type as 'HOST'.



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


You only need to install the plugin sdk during development. Once your extension is build and deployed to the OneAgents/ActiveGates you do not need it anymore.

The demo application is just used for testing the extension examples shipped with the plugin SDK. Once you exchange the plugin.json/python code with your real extension you no longer need it.


Thank you

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