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From where I can download Dynatrace Easytravel app for Dynatrace SaaS


I would like to know from where I can download the Dynatrace EasyTravel app so that I can monitor the application using Dynatrace SaaS. I went through the docker EasyTravel app. But it didn't worked out for me. Are there any sequence of steps that need to be followed for installing the application?




Hi Udyan,

I'm not really familiar with the Docker version but here is the default version where you can download easytravel precompiled for Windows and Linux and also get the source code:

There is also a section on connecting to Dynatrace SaaS/Managed so maybe that'll clear things up:

best regards

Hi Franz,

I know its a old thread but I am trying to download easy travel app and use the link - provided by you but it is showing me "You are not permitted to perform this operation. ' . Could you please tell me what kind of permission I needed to download this?