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Dynatrace and AWS Managed Grafana


How cool and ironic is that:

Dynatrace a new Amazon Managed Grafana partner !


I believe it was 2015 or so, when I (while working at Dynatrace) first integrated Dynatrace AppMon with Grafana by exporting the great metrics from AppMon to InfluxDB to be then visualized in Grafana (blog archive). Already back then then visualization power of Grafana had major advantages over AppMon.
I've continued this journey and migrated the SAP Commerce cloud 1.0 dashboards (based on Grafana) to leverage the new Dynatrace data, still by exporting Dynatrace data via it's API to a more powerful timeseries database (InfluxDB):


While the data export was really powerful I talked to Grafana then and asked them to collaborate with Dynatrace to provide a native datasource plugin. That idea was picked up and today you can get a Dynatrace datasource plugin with your enterprise subscription to get the basic metrics directly from Dynatrace.

And FINALLY Dynatrace has officially picked up that great integration story! Whoohoo!


But we at still have one extra that has not yet made it to this Datasource or Dynatrace. The missing Business Transaction data export that we fiddled into Dynatrace 😉


Great story! Happy to see!


Certified Dynatrace Master, Dynatrace Partner -


Very nice indeed!

Antonio Sousa


By the way.... the Dynatrace metric streamer is also available on the new Dynatrace Hub. This extension is based on the idea that started back then. If not used for visualization in Grafana there are a lot of other usecases for exporting metrics (examples listed on the hub page)!

Certified Dynatrace Master, Dynatrace Partner -