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Dynatrace to Remedy Integration through Apigee API Proxy Gateway


There is an issue in regard to Integration to Remedy with Dynatrace for a client. From the Remedy team the aspect of token regeneration does not meet their best practices since the token expires after 60 minutes therefore all requests from Dynatrace are invalidated

Within Dynatrace there is no way to request for a token to update or request from Apigee API Proxy Gateway Dynamically once an integration has been set-up.

Anyone with experience with this Integration to Remedy through Apigee? Or how can we enable Dynatrace to dynamically update the token it uses for Problem Notification through Apigee?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

any luck with this issue? were you able to get a work around in place?



Yes we were able to create a HTTP Monitor whose endpoint is the apigee endpoint that renews  token and set the frequency to 30 minutes(before the timeout hence renewal is done) then this token is passed back to the Credential Vault using the Credential Vault API.



Subsequently the Problem Notification utilizes as part of its header Parameters a value from the Credential VAULT(renewed token) and passes it as part of the Authentication token to successfully authenticate with Apigee and raise a ticket to Remedy