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How to integrate solarwinds network performance monitor with Dynatrace


How to integrate solarwinds network performance monitor with Dynatrace


If you're asking about getting SolarWinds data into Dynatrace, I guess you'd have to query the SolarWinds API to pull the required info from there, then bring it into Dynatrace via the custom device API. Alternatively, you'd have to build an ActiveGate plugin.

I found a Solarwinds repository on Github, which might be of help. There's a Python SDK available too, which is the development language used for Dynatrace OneAgent and ActiveGate plugins too 🙂


My company has several Dynatrace customers and all of them are also using Solarwinds for NPM. I developed an extension that will make a call to Solarwinds using their REST API and then parse the return devices and send time series and metadata about the devices as custom devices to Dynatrace using again, the REST API. If anyone is interested in using, I'd be happy to share. I've attached a powerpoint slide deck of what it looks like when the extension is running. Dynatrace-Solarwinds-Extension.pptx

It was developed and runs on Linux (Red Hat based) using only the following.

•Job Scheduler (cron)

•BASH Shell environment

•The JSON processor called “jq”

•Solarwinds NPM API endpoint w/service account username/password

•Dynatrace managed or SaaS tenant + API Token with Data Ingest access scope

As is it will publish the following time series metrics

  • Status
  • Response Time
  • CPU Load
  • Percent Memory Used
  • Percent Network Loss

When an abnormal status is returned a problem event is published for the custom device. The slide deck should walk you through it.

Enjoy! I know I enjoyed writing it.

-Tommy Noonan

HI @Tommy N.

I am interested in studying and trying out the code. I have encountered the requirement to correlate events on network devices and other OOTB components captured on Dynatrace. My immediate go-to is the DT SNMP plugin by @Brayden N. I will also consider integration to existing NPM tools such as SolarWinds.

Please let me know how I can access the extension.

Thank you.

Hi Tommy,

Can you please share the extension that you developed for Solarwinds NPM?.

Thank you.


Hi Michael, the extension is shared on this page twice already, see Yos N.'s comments (look for the .zip files) 🙂

HI @Siva P.

We came across solarwinds remote plugin

Don't remember if we tried it and if it works or not but it worth try it.

This is the endpoint configuration it expose

And here are the metric its collect



Had the SE that supported me and my organization only supplied that after repeated requests over months of time....I might have saved a few hours....appreciate you sharing. And it was still fun to develop. 😉

I gave it a shot loading and after what is reported as a successful upload of the extension, I ultimately get "Extension doesn't exist on given host" on my environment activegate in our lab after configuring the extension to access our Solarwinds NPM system.

Very happy to have a close to working example however. If anyone has experienced this issue, I would love to know what you did to resolve.

Hi @Tommy N.

Did you unzip the the plugin to plugin_deployment directory under remotepluginmodule at the AG and restart the remote plugin process?


Hello! That helped us get a little further but now we're at "Error(No module named 'orionsdk'). I've installed the orionsdk from GitHub via pip on the activegate… not sure what else to try.

Will try it with a customer and will update


Would you be able to share the plugin, would love to replicate the same functionality on our solarwinds instance

Hi @Daniel Steel

Here it goes:

Hey @Yos N.,

Have you been able to make it work? We're also going to try out this extension next week. It would be great to have your feedback about your progress.

Hi @Mustafa Serhat B.

Unfortunately not yet


Please share the extension file(zip) when i try it goes to 404 page not found error

@Yosi_Neuman. That extension is a paid extension from the Dynatrace services team. Please don't share it.

If anyone is interested in a pre built extension such as this one please reach out to your account or delivery manager and they can get in touch with our professional services team.


Roger that 



I bet there's not a whole lot of customers out there trying to do this anymore....

Hi guys,

We getting the below error after we configuring. Any help to get it 100% working.

Hi @Avin Gert Poran B.

What will happen if you will add values into the objects to monitor window?

Hi Yos,

Thank you for the timely response. After adding the object it works 100%.

Hi @Avin Gert Poran B.

Great news!!!

All the best and stay safe


Hi Yos,

Do you perhaps know what the polling intervals are when querying solarwinds?



Hi @Avin Gert Poran B.

AG Plugin runs every minute as explained in documentation



Thank you for that info Yos

This is the detail from the plugin logfile


Sorry, can you share again, I get an 404 error. Thanks

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