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Integration of Managed with Grafana

Hi , has anyone integrated Grafana to receive problem details from Managed?




What data source you have in Grafana? If this is ElasticSearch, you have to just create simple HTTP service that will receive payload of problem when it is raised (custom webhook integration). Than you just need push data from this payload into ELK index, and you will have them in Grafana. It’s only example, but when you have different data source you can do this the same way.

What purpose would it be for you to store problems in Grafana?


thanks ! This is an old configuration where management wants to see problems generated all around the environment in one console. Let me check the option provided above.


There is a Dynatrace plugin for Grafana that allows you to pull data from a Dynatrace tenant.

For problem notification, can you elaborate on the use case? Grafana is primarily a metric visualization tool, what do you want to achieve?

@Sebastian K. @Július L. looks like this plugin is not free