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Integration on Dynatrace with radView's WebLOAD

Hi @Andreas G.

Hi, I am not able to find documentation for Webload and Dynatrace integration. Planning to create a Request attribute to track load test transactions as "WebLoadTagging". Please let me know if I can suggest the following to the Performance testing team to include in load testing scripts?

BeginTransaction("StepName") wlHttp.Header["x-dynatrace-test"] = "TSN=StepName"

This is what I am planning to create as a Request attribute




Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

@Suresh Kumar K. Thank you for your comment. However, the original question is referring to the AppMon product (that was called dynatrace back then) and not to the SaaS/Managed product that is now called Dynatrace.

I made a separate question out of it, moved to the Dynatrace Open Q&A forum.

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