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JMETER integration with Dynatrace Managed




We just started the configuration of Jmeter for the integration with Managed.

We already found some documentation and followed it to configure the Port, the Host, API TOKEN ....etc


Now we wanna test if the configuration is correct and Jmeter is communicating well with our Dynatrace.


Do anyone have an idea on how can we test that ?


Thank you



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There is no out of the box integration between Dynatrace and jMeter. What you can do is creating header that will be assign to each jMeter request (for example via script) according to this article:

Than on dynatrace side you can configure Request Attributes that will capture proper part of x-dynatrace-test request header. Than you will be able to to see tagged requests in dynatrace and filter them out of other traffic. But this is all you can get out of the box.

I’ve created integration that sends data from jMeter live to dynatrace using custom metrics but this is for internal use in our company only. I can’t share it.


Regards, Sebastian

Excuse me Sebastian but i have a question.

So we have a team for which we don't want to grant Admin access and they are the one doing tests and configuring request attributes..etc

The solution that was proposed from a Dynatrace Editor is to configure Jmeter so they won't need to access Dynatrace to configure the request attributes and they will only have to do it from Jmeter.

From your answer i now realize that the configuration of request attributes on Dyntrace is always needed so they will always need the Admin account.So the J meter solution won't really solve our problem.

Now they are working with Load runner but they always have access to Dyntrace. Dynatrace Editor proposed Jmeter and said that it is different from Load runner and it doesn't need access to Dynatrace.

am i right here ?

They don't those request attributes are configured globally for whole enviornment. You can make it for them once and than everything will work. I'm responsible for load tests in our company (from dynatrace side) and what I can tell, it's really important for test team to have at least readonly access to DT to allow them look for data. You can create always limited management zone just for application that is tested at one time. For LoadRunner situation is the same, but LR can download some metrics from DT via integration, but this is in general small amount of that which may give you answers about really simple issues during test. to get answers about details in transaction they need to have some access to DT for LoadRunner and jMeter as well.


Regards, Sebastian

LoadRunner is using the rest API ( to create the request attributes on the fly.

Provided your users are granted a token for the REST API that enable them to configure request attribute, the configuration API could be called directly from JMeter to create/update the request attributes.

Thank you both for your answers. That was really helpfull


You should also take a look at this page in the documentation (JMeter & Dynatrace):

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