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SNOW Diagnostics



Is there a way to integrate the ServiceNow diagnostics with Dynatrace to receive events for SNOW resources into Dynatrace and set alerts on them.




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Dynatrace Helper

@islam_zidan There are couple of thoughts I have regarding this. Its a very good proposal firstly and the easiest way to get these diagnostic data in Dynatrace would be to just have One Agent monitor the ServiceNow app hosting servers. We have a few customers who get monitoring data this way


If you want the Diagnostic data to be available as Events in Dynatrace, it can mean being able to read transaction logs or logs in general to be able to track these. Log Monitoring would be the way to be able to do this and thats again something which will need One Agent installed on the server hosting the ServiceNow application. I dont think ServiceNow provides an API exposing this data which could be another way to get this data into Dynatrace. Let me know if this helps and if you have any info on any APIs and we can definitely look into it

@jairam_ramaswam I will check the possibility of installing OneAgent to SNOW servers as it's SaaS, that for sure will provide the needed information. Thanks alot.

Dynatrace Certified Professional - Dynatrace Partner -

Yes I was about to mention that easier with On Prem to do this than SaaS but we do AWS monitoring etc but again ServiceNow should be able to expose these metrics as we get via Cloudwatch for AWS so yeah please check with ServiceNow support on this 

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