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how to integrate Dynatrace with Mulesoft


How can we do integration of dynatrace with mulesoft ? What are the benefits of it .

Our client is asking for it . Is there any document for same


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


What products from Mulesoft? They have a lot! We have a nice extension that monitors Mulesoft Cloudhub, and you can see some details here , you also can send an email to with more details and we can help you from there.

can we install one agent directly on mulesoft server? is monitoring from one agent possible or only by activegate extension

Hi David ,

Our mulesoft application is hosted cloud-only. It is possible to monitor mulesoft application/system (hosted in cloud) with one agent also? or only it is possible by active gate extension

If it uses Cloudhub, only remotely (AG extension for example) as Mulesoft does not allow customers to change the container images they run, so you can't install an OneAgent.

I know that some Mulesoft customers have developed ways to get more insight remotely via JVM TI, but this is something you would need to discuss with Mulesoft further

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

We have a client with Mule and it is great! It runs on a Java JVM, so you get all the detail of what is running inside Mulesoft, including the usual Purepaths & Method Hotspots.

Antonio Sousa

So  what you can get is regular JVM parameters - all Java based parameters, Nothing Mule specific is exposed in  purepath and hotspot

Did you install one agent directly inside mulesoft server?

Yes, Linux server with OneAgent. No configuration needed, the Mule processes just started monitoring. We did have to make some naming changes, given the fact that we have several JVMs on the same host, and Dynatrace was joining them, but that was pretty straightforward.

Antonio Sousa

Thanks, Antonio for a quick reply. one more question

is your mule application hosted in cloud? 


actually, Our mulesoft application is hosted in cloud. It is possible to monitor mulesoft application/system (hosted in cloud) with one agent also.

In the case I'm following, it is on-prem. Is your mulesoft application running as a PaaS offering? If that's the case, you will most certainly not be able to install OneAgent...

Antonio Sousa