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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

12.3: Missing Operations due to difference in BU rule definitions 12.3 <= 12.3 when import is used

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

We have a range of applications with shared software services, where we defined RUM transactions based on an Operation Mask with the common part of the URL.

E.g.,dom/app1/  for every operation that match this mask (including the URL and all that follows)


We noticed that in 12.3 the behavior "slightly" changed, "operation mask" is no longer an option, this is handled under 'operation' now, with wild cards.
Also, as we found out, briefly mentioned in the FAQ: Central Analysis Server FAQ#WhatconstitutesAllotheroperations

We did notice, because we have built a new environment where we IMPORTED the Business Units configuration. In that environment however we started missing operations on those URLs, also newly created RUM transactions (based on same convention) were hitting zero/no results.

We see that in that  environment the Operation Mask definitions were turned into Operation definitions. The URL part remained the same though. We needed to change them.

When you UPGRADE a CAS to 12.3 however, the Operation definitions are changed. An asterisk is placed before and after:



it is therefor a point of attention that when building a CAS 12.3 from scratch, and importing definitions, to be aware of the need to use wildcards in Operation definitions, when using operations masks in the past.

Also for any newly created RUM transactions it is good to know about the FAQ part Central Analysis Server FAQ#WhatconstitutesAllotheroperations







Community Team
Community Team

Indeed, since 12.3 you can't choose the "Operation mask" from the "Type" list. Types: operation, task, module and service are reserved for either:

  • full operation names,
  • part of operation names but prefixed or/and suffixed with asterisks,
  • just asterisk matching everything,
    Previous versions were assuming the asterisk.

Thanks for your feedback!

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