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[12.4.10] WCF Net.TCP Software Service?


Hi there,

I'm trying to find out how to define a Software Service for a Net.TCP-based application. Below a sketch of how (roughly) the Application looks like, with a "Presentation tier" with 6 machines and a "Data Logic tier" with 4 machines communicating on port 808 with Net.TCP protocol:

I've found on the Doc the following mention in version 12.4:

XML/SOAP and WCFMonitors performance and usage of web services and XML-enabled services for transactions identified by names and user names extracted from the monitored trafficNote: XML and SOAP monitoring in the High Speed AMD is handled by the HTTP analyzer.

It is suggested to use the HTTP analyzer XML/SOAP option BUT when I try to create a HTTP Software Service for the Net.TCP DL Tier on port 808 I CANNOT specify a net.tcp:// address in the URL (regex) field in the URL Monitoring tab since the only allowed URL are the ones starting with http:// or https://.

Could you please help me understanding how to define such Software Service in 12.4.10?

Thanks a lot,

*In DCRUM 12.3 there was a more detailed doc page on how to define a net.tcp software service here:




To decode WCF (i.e. net.tcp) traffic using AMD Classic you need to use the XML or SOAP analyzers. Net.tcp is not supported in AMD HS.


Thanks a lot, Wojciech.

It needs be mentioned in the docs..We're using AMD HS, hence we won't be able to monitor such application.

Thanks again for the quick reply.

Ciao, Raff


At the least you should be able to configure a TCP / Generic decode for the IP/ports used.

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Would Universal decode be feasible?


Hey @Raffaele T. can you share a small trace?

What @Roberto V. says might work as your data should be transactional.

Hi Ulf,

let me see what I can share with you. I'll keep you posted.

Ciao, Raff

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hi Ulf, I saw a trace and run on a classic works OOB. so Universal would work....

bye Rob

I meant Classic AMD