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3rd party iframe DCRUM



Will a 3rd party iframe be counted towards operation time in DCRUM? If so, how is it calculated, and what metric is it placed under?

The page in question is this:

And assume that * is monitored, but not the server in the iframe:

<iframe src=">


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Tarjei

This depends on how you have setup DC-RUM and how your iframe is called. DC-RUM has the ability to recognise and monitor iframes as part of the base page response time automatically as long as the iframe uses either "iframe" or "frameset2 as its tag. This functionality is however turned off by default. You can enable it either globally or at a software service level. If you only have a few software services with this then you should do it at a software service level.

Bear in mind for this to work the AMD needs to be able to see the iframe request as well. If it doesn't traverse the AMD then it will not be able to monitor it.

If it can't see it then the iframe or you don't enable this then it will depend on how/when the iframe is called as to how it is reported. If the iframe is called on it's own (as in no other components of the main page overlap it this time but the page hasn't completed then it will be counted as client/idle time.

If it is called while other components are being called and it finishes after the rest of the page then the overage will not be included. The time that overlaps would depend on what it overlaps with.

Here is the setting

You can confirm this by looking at an ADS.

Here is an example from my app. It can see the iframes but with the automatic recognition off they get reported as separate pages.

looking at my page we can see it uses FRAMESET so i know automatic will work

Before the change this is what the ADS sees

only 2 hits and a response time of 180ms

Once i make the change this is what i see

A response time of 793 ms and 12 hits.

This is the exact same request, I just have 2 AMDs monitoring it, one with iframe recognition and one without.

Hope thsi helps