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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

A more intuitive RESTful Interface

Community Team
Community Team

Author: @Brett Barrett

Product Dev - We have already discussed some of the new features in the
12.4 APIs, but I want to bring to attention the tool I created to make
using the REST interface much simpler to use.

Here is a screenshot of my new tool:

And the Target version with the capabilities of exporting the query as JSON:

The newest version of it can be accessed at:

Currently, to navigate the REST api, you have to run commands such as:

Then, move to getData views

Then, move to getResolutions

Then, move to getDimensions

Then, move to getMetrics

This is a very iterative and cumbersome process which can deter users
from actually using the REST interface. My hope is that this tool will
make retrieving the query URL simple for any end user.

All feedback is appreciated and feel free to fork the repository and make your own enhancements and upgrades

Keep calm and build Community!



This is an awesome tool. In fact just about couple of days ago when I started to look at the DMI Webservices guide, I was clueless about how should I create my REST queries to retrieve data out of CAS, and this came to my rescue.

Just wondering if you can make a change to reflect the json post body equivalent of the URL portion, I am sure at some point we will run out of the URL length limit on the request, since I need to request lots of attributes.

Thanks again.

Anil Shinde

FixStream networks

Hey Anil,

Glad to hear it helped! Sorry for not seeing this comment, though...they're hidden unless you expand them. Yes, I can post a link to the json version later today.




Je ne travaille plus chez Generali.

Merci de transmettre vos messages à la liste de diffusion DIS-INT-PI-Performance.

Cordialement, Aurélie


Great tool Brett!

Thank you, Tarjei!


Another comment: Could this maybe be moved to the same place as this? Or something similar as to the plugins in AppMon?

Hi Tarjei,

How about DC RUM KB? Or creating a new section in DC RUM Extensions with this kind of solutions, plugins, and scripts?

Keep calm and build Community!

Yes that was basically my Idea as well. Dynatrace AppMon has a rather good community space with plugins and extensions, would be nice to see the same for DCRUM as well 🙂

No problem!

I'll do my best do prepare such space next week 🙂

Keep calm and build Community!

Here it is: Custom Add-ons

Keep calm and build Community!

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Brett,

This tool is so powerful that I have some customers which asked for more.

Should it be possible to call an existing DMI report instead of selecting dimension and metrics to recreate it using REST interface ?



Hey Matthieu,

Sorry for the delayed response, somehow I wasn't following this thread!

Hmm, that's a possibility I hadn't considered. It would have to be done based on a section of a DMI instead of the whole report. I can investigate the viability of this feature. Feel free to reach out me by email if you have any questions.



I would love to see a Dynatrace Symthetic version of this.


Thank you very much!

No problem, Matt 🙂