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A software service with HTTP running on top of XML is configured. Packet recorded on AMD showing fine, but software service isn't

I've captured packet trace from AMD, using tcpdump. And see that I can see the HTTP traffic.

To double confirm, I also recorded the packet trace using GUI of RUM Console. The result I see by using wireshark is also the same (i.e can see the HTTP traffic)

Screenshot below shows what I see in Wireshark for the packet trace:

Screenshot below shows what I get when I try to see the HTTP field or XML tag or the same packet trace. Interestingly I see nothing:

Finally, this is what I get in the DCRUM dashboard (I got users and site breakdown, but got no transactional breakdown though.)

Any idea what might be causing this? In the software service configuration, I did ensure that in the 'URL Monitoring' tab, the radio button 'SOAP/XML' is checked. And also capture the URL as RegEx and enter 'http://.*'

Best Regards,

Wai Keat


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Packet trace screenshot doesn't reveal what content does the HTTP traffic carry. Console wizard screens say that the wizard didn't find any XML-formatted content inside the request body. Did you check in Wireshark what exactly content is in the request body? Is it compressed or encrypted? Decompression can be done by AMD, content decryption is not supported.

At this stage I'd advice opening a Support call and sharing the packet trace with them, to verify what exactly is in the request body and analyzing why AMD is not picking this up. BTW, Reports show what is expected with this monitoring configuration.

Best regards