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AHS not showing Citrix


I've having an issue with a Citrix based application not showing.

I've defined the Citrix environment using the ICA analyser and have created a tier based on that ICA analyser. I then defined the application and associated that software service with the app.

After doing so, I would expect to see that show as an app in the EUE overview and on the AHS; however, nothing is showing. I've also verified that I'm seeing traffic (it is peak time so there is lots of it).

Any suggestions?

Running 12.3.5 on CAS and AMDs


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hey Matthew,

That might be related to a known issue in 12.3.5.

Does the Citrix Landing Page show the application?


I think that note is just on how the App Perf is being calculated - not that it wouldn't be showing. The ICA protocol has rather different specifics than other protocols and therefore it's own landing page. But the idea of checking on the CLP is good :-).


I found the answer to my own question.

When making the Citrix tier, I'd forgotten to check the 'make front-end tier' box.

Once I did this, it all sprang to life. I'd forgotten the golden rule that you need to have a front-end tier before the AHS will show it.

Completely agree Ulf, Citrix is a different animal in that the KPIs you need to watch are more specific and the CLP is perfect for representing that difference. In my case, I need them to be in both locations as one team uses the AHS and have gotten accustomed to that workflow and the CLP will be used by another group.

Cheers Cosmin for your feedback as well.

Every time I run training, this exact scenario always catches at least one or two people out! Well done in catching this.