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ALL Servers Operations showing Failures



I'm using DC RUM and capturing traffic , we had a core switch hardware issue and we change it with a new switch , after that Im getting all operation requests breakdown failures , from network side all ports configuration is same , and Im able to recived traffic on the AMD , but Im CAS server report all operations are failures

any one faced this issue before ? and how to solve it ?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I imagine that your software service is an HTPP:HTTPS based software service. Can you show a DMI report showing the client and server bytes of the Software Service that is having problem? have you setup your software service to put the incomplete responses as failures?


I've had a situation where the device we were spanning from was replaced and the config on the new device caused a routing change on the network (unidirectional traffic) so it looked to DC RUM like the server or client was not responding when in fact traffic was coming in through the new switch and because the new switch's attractiveness was different it would egress out the secondary switch instead.

Can you be sure your core switch is indeed seeing almost equal amounts of inbound/outbound?

Easy way to check what the AMD is seeing, is to take a tcpdump from it.