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AMD - Classic vs. HS? Looking for 10GB connectivity


The presentation of data from our network is potentially being switched from 1 GB connections (copper) to 10 GB SFP+ (fiber) connections.

We are currently running dual AMDs at the higher end of the the hardware spec recommendations in Classic mode at version

What is the difference in using "Classig AMD 10Gb Ethernet NICs" vs. "High Speed AMD 10 Gb Ethernet NICs" as outlined in this link?

Can we use 10 Gb NICs in Classic mode?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated in understanding this.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The difference in NICs really has to do with what has been tested and is compatible with the custom drivers in the AMD.

The X520 cards will work in both the Classic and HS AMD. I would recommend putting that card in the AMD. The classic AMD will use it and then you are ready to go to the HS AMD in the future.

If you are not changing the amount of traffic going to the AMD, just the interface, then no other changes are needed. You will need to put the NIC in the system and use RTMINST to set the sniffing and communication ports.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Yes, you can use 10 Gb/s NICs in a Classic AMD

The difference between Classic and HS AMDs here is the capacity to process and analyze the raw traffic volume, and that the HS AMDs drop support entirely for 1 Gb/s NICs in the custom drivers.

If the 10 Gb/s NIC you are considering is in both the Classic and HS AMD lists as supported, you will also be able to use the same NICs when you migrate from Classic to HS without having to replace the NICs again.

-- Erik

Anybody experience with 10G LR (Long Range) NICs in AMD that are not the Intel X520-LR1?