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AMD Stats: Fragmented packets


I'm on a 12.3.4 environment and am seeing some dodgy results. When I check on the AMD stats I see 99% fragmented packets. Anybody know what the definition for that is and what is does to the performance data?



What driver does the AMD have?

What do you have on the wire - any Jumbopackets?

Hey Ulf,

One AMD is custom driver, the other is native.

I couldn't find any evidence of jumbo packets.

Per Wojciech's advice, I took a capture from each AMD and was not seeing the same results as that screenshot. I've opened a support ticket to investigate this discrepancy further.

So is the fragmentation on both drivers?

Can you disconnect the feed and do the capture there (i.e. - Before it hits the AMD) or from another (duplex) port in the Network Packet Broker?


The fragmented packets metric refers to IP fragmentation - i.e. IP packets with a MTU larger than the MTU of a network they crossed on their way, which caused them to be split into smaller packets by a router.

The AMD does not support reassembling IP fragments. A fragment rate of 99% is extremely high though. You should record a capture file on the AMD and examine it in Wireshark to see whether it really consists mainly of IP fragments.