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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AMD installation problem


What is the problem?

Clean install to upgrade-amd-amdos5-i386-ndw-12-03-00-0791-b001.bin

After first installation rtmprobe not started, second installation give us this?


Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/lib64/perl5 /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 .) at /usr/adlex/rtm/bin/rtm.setup line 28.

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/adlex/rtm/bin/rtm.setup line 28.

Setting capabilities < cap_net_admin+ep > for command /sbin/ethtool


Warning: Insufficient free disk space available.

  /usr/adlex/rtm/bin   requires at least 49G


System restart is required for the installation to take effect. Would you like to reboot now? (y/n)






Hi Kari

Just looking at the info you have (is it OK to share the LOG files?) tells me you probably don't have enough disk on the AMD or it is partitioned incorrectly.

What does df -a tell you when you run it on the AMD?

Did you use the kickstart script to install RedHat?

If I remember correct the is the list of supported NIC cards and if that file isn't there, you will not get much further.


A ticket has created about this case We didn't use kickstart script


OK - Is there a particular reason why you didn't use the kickstart?

It's based on minimum requirements for the partitiioning and software needed and experience we've gained over the years.

If there's something you need to tweak afterwards, then it's perfectly alright to do so as long as the kickstart has gotten it's needs fulfilled.

Also realize that if you add applications and "heavy" things to the AMD afterwards, Dynatrace can't commit to the performance and precision of the AMD.

Overview of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Kickstart Installation


Only problem is rtmgate not listening 443 and ndstat say no process with rtmgate.

if I change https port 0 with rtminst , then I can connect to amd by using port 9091 . I have to look at /usr/adlex/rtm/bin/rtmgate.log

what you Ulf think.

(warning) I think you should start over (warning)

It is possible to manually install RedHat if you follow what is written in the link above but it's time consuming to do it manually - that's why we have the kickstart (lightbulb)

If you don't - I think you will have further problems in the near future (grey lightbulb)

Lets talk tomorrow (big grin)

Not having 443 listening is known issue in 12.3.

  1. Change https.port=443 in /usr/adlex/config/rtm.config file
  2. Upload attached rtmhttp.gz file to /root/ directory on the AMD,
  3. Execute the following commands:

    gunzip /root/rtmhttp.gz
    service rtmgate stop
    mv /usr/adlex/rtm/bin/rtmhttp /usr/adlex/rtm/bin/rtmhttp.old
    mv /root/rtmhttp /usr/adlex/rtm/bin/rtmhttp
    chmod +x /usr/adlex/rtm/bin/rtmhttp
    service rtmgate start


Thanks that. I did install 12.2 and fixed redhat. now everything work.


BR Markku


Root case was :

  1. 12.3 version broken openssl and stunnel global config. It's also break compuware users groups (using wrong id)
  2. OR our redhat 6.4 openssl and stunnel did not installed correcting, before we started install 12.3

But now 12.2 work, and maybe upgrade to 12.3.1, we don't need that 12.3 yet.

Thanks every helper (smile)

BR Markku

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

In the error message at the top it says:

Warning: Insufficient free disk space available.

  /usr/adlex/rtm/bin   requires at least 49G

Is 49 GB indeed accurate as a space requirement for /usr/adlex/rtm/bin for DC RUM 12.3?

In the documentation I noticed it says 2 GB: Installing the AMD Software

In documentation you have an example of the warning messages. It all depends on an actual free disk space available in a specific system. 

Hi Zbigniew – Thanks for clarifying that. 49 GB seems to be a bit excessive for that folder unless I am missing something. Is it safe to ignore this warning or must this 49 GB be assigned for that particular folder?

The ~50 GB requirement for /usr/adlex/rtm/bin/ is because this is the default location for a core should the rtm process crash, and an rtm core can be nearly the full host ram size.  When attempting to debug an rtm crash, the core is useless if it is truncated by too small a filesystem.


-- Erik

Coming back to my initial answer - did you use the provided kickstart script to install?

Hi Ulf – This particular customer did not use the kickstart script because it is not permitted to do so for their machine builds.

So there is the answer.

The kickstart script (as I understand it) install the RH in less than usual manner. The focus is on performance and security. Most "ordinary" things are missing to harden the OS and we run regular Nessus against them (reports available on request).

If you open the script you will see how it works since it's no secret. Compare this to your install and pick up what differs.