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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AMD silent install


Hi, I am creating a silent install script to use with an automation tool for deployments to our estate.

We are not using the kickstart script, as required by our organisation & agreed with DynaTrace.

I've got a script with pre-checks for various things on the OS, such as filesystem, java version etc.

However, I found that when I run the installer, the script just hangs - I think due to the reboot prompt that the installer .bin file presents at the end of the installation.

Can I override the reboot prompt by forcing it to reboot once completed, or by-pass the reboot & get the automation tool to handle it?

If not, is it possible to extract the RPMs & scripts from the installer /bin & then run each via a script to allow the automation tool to run the install?



Hey Ben,

Which automation tool are you using? I've automated AMD installs and upgrades using Chef and for the reboot step, I told it to enter in "y" and then [carraige return]. Then, we could just deploy, the box would restart, and then you'd have an AMD upon next boot 🙂



We generally use HPSA, as far as I can see, I need to have the 'y' to reboot within my install script :S. I can't think of any way to get a bash script to do this either - it just hangs when running the line to do the install...

I've used "echo -e 'y\n' >y.txt" and then "program <y.txt" to automatically supply a 'y' response to an input prompt before.

-- Erik

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Please be sure to also look for packages that could cause the AMD problems - like irqbalance. Some of these services should be stopped/disabled. They are listed in the kickstart file also.


Hi John, I've included a run of the installer with --test-system & read the output to check if there are any services that aren't recomended



You can use the standard Linux 'yes' utility to supply a positive answer to the reboot prompt, e.g.:

yes | ./upgrade-amd-amdos6-x86_64-ndw-12-04-02-0024-b001.bin


Thanks - this is perfect, & I'm using yes "n" | upgrade-amd-amdos6-x86_64-ndw-12-04-02-0024-b001.bin --force so that the script can continue & do some post install configuration & checks before the system is rebooted 🙂

I never knew of the 'yes' utility - great tip!