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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

ATM Tranasaction monitoring?


Have Dynatrace been deployed anywhere to monitor ATMs currently?

We have a client that is demanding this. The Architecture is that all the ATMs, communicate to the Front End Processor (FEP) server on a given port. FEP admins may not allow any agent on the FEP, so my questions are as follows?

1. Has agent method of Dynatrace Oneagent been deployed anywhere globally on the FEP to monitor ATMs and ATM transactions successfully?

2. Can DCRUM work and has it been deployed on FEP? and what type of transaction and/or performance metrics were derived from such deployments?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

DC RUM can work in this situation, depending on the network layer setup. We have a universal decode script built for ISO 8583 protocol that is often used by payment cards' readers. See

There are multiple flavors of this protocol, our Services folks found at least three of them, each time having to adjust the decode script. So a mandatory requirement for the DC RUM implementation would be to have access to the exact protocol specs and packet traces, so the Services consultants would customize the decode accordingly.

Hi Kris Z. Thanks for your response.

Are you assuming that ATM terminals transmit ISO8583 protocol? The ATM terminals we have here in Nigeria transmits NDC+ protocol. The protocol are then translated from NDC+ protocol to ISO8583 protocol by the Postillion Front End Processor (FEP), owned by ACI Universal Payments.

For the ISO8583 flavors, what if the 3 flavors are always available in various transaction flows, since there could be different ThirdParty services through which customers pay bills from the same ATM. For example, in Nigeria, one Payment Switching company e.g. Interswitch uses a different flavor, Unified Payment (UP) uses a different flavor and NIBSS (Nigerian Inter Bank Settlement System) uses a different flavor. All the three ISO8583 flavors will come from same ATM. Is it not possible for the services folks to include all the 3 scripts for all the flavors instead of trying to customize the decode for one spec?


I'm not assuming all ATMs speak ISO 8583. What I'm saying is that we have some experience with this specific protocol that is one of commonly used by ATMs.

Regarding protocol versions - if protocol version can be determined looking at the messages, then the universal decode script would be able to apply different algorithms and templates depending on the message version/type. This is the case with ISO 8583, so I would consider this use case covered.

We don't have any experience with NDC+, so I cant comment on feasibility of using universal decode for this protocol. As always, access to specs and traffic traces is prerequisite to thinking about any universal decode scripting.

BTW - I took it granted, but now I realize it may require verification: DC RUM analyzes only those applications which communicate using TCP/IP, over Ethernet. This is typically the case these days for ATMs and POS terminals, but it doesn't have to be, especially where and end to end solution might be coming from one of big vendors who might have chosen other network media and transports for various reasons. It's worth to verify this aspect to not run into a surprise:-)