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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Access to support resources after EOS


We understand that NAM will end support in March 2021. However, there are some customers who have not migrated NAM to Dynatrace and will continue to use it after March 2021. We are concerned that the NAM support resources we have used so far will be accessible after March 2021. Specifically, the following resources:

1. NAM document

2. Past support tickets

3. Past posts in public forums


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


We will keep NAM documentation available online for some time (1 year?) after the EoS, we also plan to make it available as PDF.

Forum will be opened for some time as well, though we won't be able to guarantee engagement levels.

Regarding Support tickets - we will keep them in our archives, but continuous online access to those archives would most likely be a challenge. Therefore, creating an archive on your side would also make sense. But this is a 2021 topic.

Hope the helps.

Thanks for the useful information. I would like to ask an additional question.

We plan to build a NAM in our in-house environment to support customers and continue to operate it after March 2021. Is there a way to get a license for that? We understand that trial licenses are not available after EOS.

We will find a way to get you a perm license, close to the EoS date - if you would still need it.

Generally - Dynatrace is a viable alternative to the NAM, today, and it is getting better every week. We strongly recommend assessing the key monitoring use cases against Dynatrace and migrate!