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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Add new database the Version 12.02 Private Enterprise SP2, working with 2 database ClientVantage



add new database the Version 12.02 Private Enterprise SP2, working with 2 database ClientVantage

I have a vantageView connected to a database clientvantage1, and I need to connect another database that has similar information to the clientvantage1 and clientavantage2 new database, this on another server, what I need is to connect it to extract data and to generate reports in CustomReporting that is built into Vantageview.

the customreporting be selected at the source of information from which to draw, but now as I have one connected database is not enabled database selection, but when you add this new database is assumed that you should enable, is Select Product posisble the database into which to extract the information, when I add the new database clientavantage2?

monitoring not want to lose the original database ClientVantage1 and I need to work with both database

thanks for the help.

NOTE: sorry use google tranlate in to write better in English.

attach some pictures that can help benchmark


Carlos Carrasco. Rodriguez
Santiago, Chile (SCL.)



Hi Carlos,


When you add the second database to VantageView it will enable that selection of a different database for reporting.  You will not lose any of your current data and it will not affect your current reports. It will just give you the option to select that database for new reports that you create.

Rob Miller


thank you very much for your answer ROB,

this means that I can add a second database, which I have thought to do is to have a database ONLINE and other historical database with the same information but with a lot more data (1 year, 195 transactions), and thus to generate historical reports, also this new database (ClientVantage2) is a replica of the database ClientVantage1 that this should be copying only new records being written in ClientVantage1

I will do the test