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Agent Recorder - Run-time error '429' running ANY script


I have installed Agent SW (12.5.0) on Windows10, without any errors.

I installed the VBA Patch as described in article :

When i the try to run a Script in Recorder I get the below error for ANY Scripts.

Run-time error '429' - ActiveX component can't create object

How can I resolve the error ??

Thanx in advance




@Per B.

You have provided very limited information about your
problem, so I do not completely understand your situation. Nevertheless, I can give you some advises:

1. 12.5.0 has some start-up problems,
maybe you have run into one of them. There is absolutely no need to install 12.5.0 for new installations or
upgrades from earlier versions at this time. 12.5.3 comes with a full installation: no need to install OS Update and
12.5.0 as prerequisites. This should also make
unnecessary applying VBA patch. 12.5.3
should install on the top of 12.5.0, but I’d rather uninstall the Agent and OS
Update prior to installing 12.5.3 just in case.

2. It is necessary to
update the Framework after installing or upgrading to any new ESM version, whether a release or
a service pack. So, please follow
and its subpages.

Hopefully, once you implement both recommendations, your
scripts will be running fine. If not, please
provide more details or open a support ticket.

Thank you,



Thanx Yuriy,

Thanx for Your fast reply 🙂

I did a reinstallation of the agent SW, and it worked fine.