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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Alert - How to show SoftwareService, IP and Operation on Alert



I need to show SoftwareService, IP and Operation in Alert.
Unfortunately these info does not available with Macro.

Can anyone help me?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Ema L.

In the alert notifications you can set the desired categories e.g. below screenshot is for your reference. If you are looking for something else then let us know.



Hello Babar,

Thanks to your suggestion I noticed that the macro availables changing with tipology of alert selected.
So I tried with alert tipology "real user performance" and I selected the following macros:

- Application

- Transaction

- Software Service

- Server IP Address

- Operation

Unfortunately the alert show "*" instead of info required.

Do you know the why of this behaviour?

Hello Ema,

Make sure that the dimensions and alerts available into your defined alert.

Just review the defining an alert - process overview from the below link and especially the notifications area:


This is the message sent in the alert. Type or paste a text message explaining what the problem is. To insert the value of a dimension or metric, type a label such as "The value was " (so you know what the value refers to) and then press Ctrl-Space to list dimensions and alerts available to that alert type. Select one of them to insert the value into your message.



Hey Ema,

Following on from @Babar Q.'s comment, you need to add the dimension(s) you want in the notification as a dimension for the alert when you are setting it up. Unfortunately I do not have a DCRUM deployment in front of me to get the correct name of the page and field, but from memory when you go to add/edit an alert, on the first screen where you add filters and conditions, you can also add measures. So if you want to see in the alert the 'application' that the alert has tripped for, then you will need to add 'application' dimension on the first screen of editing the alert, as well as with the '{2}' variable in the notification field.

You are correct in using Real User Performance as your alert type - this is used in most instances when you want to alert on DCRUM data.