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Alert - Start time in Build report URL



We are adding some alerts that should include links to relevant reports. The monitoring duration is set to 30 - 60 minutes (not 1 period). In the links to report, how can we specify start time as the start time of the monitoring duration but not the "Last sample start timestamp"? (if the start time is "last sample start timestamp", the linked report only shows data for the last period (5 minutes), we want the linked report to show data for 30-60 minutes, same as monitoring duration)




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Thank you for posting this question. This is, in fact, a missing piece in our alerting solution. Functionality you are asking for will be available in next service packs: SP6 for release 2018 and SP3 for release 2019

Best I can do right now is to suggest a kind of workaround, taking advantage of advanced DMI features. Please, have a look at attached DMI report definition, with special focus for links created on Alert name dimension. Those links lead to Operation explorer report with time range 30, 60 and 120 minutes ending at alert’s triggering moment. The trick is to use ‘Target time range defined by following boundaries’ option with <Event time> - period of time expressed in milliseconds as a start and <Event time> as a target time range end. See details in attached screenshots and xml file.

Alerts and reports with customized time

I can imagine creating links to such report in my alert definition and perform further drilldowns to desired reports (Operation explorer is only example of course, the same with presented time ranges) from here.

Of course, as I said before, this is suggested temporary workaround only, we will enhance NAM with possibility to create requested links directly form alert notifications messages in upcoming service packs

Best Regards,