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Alert need to trigger when operation benchmark value reaches in between 50% and 150%


We have configure previously for when the benchmark value exceeds 150%.

Simultaneously we need alert mail need to trigger when the benchmark value comes below 150%( <150).

Can any one suggest how to configure the alert( parameter) when operation benchmark value reaches in between 50% and 150%.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Venkata,

My assumption is that you are NAM 2018 or 2019 user so my answer will be applicable to those versions. And my another assumption is that benchmark term means in fact baseline value - that's how NAM alerts work.

Alert which will be triggered when current value is between 50% and 150% of the baseline is easy to define, here's example configuration:

But, to be honest, I'm not really sure if this is exactly your case. Perhaps what you really need is an alert which is triggered when current value exceeds 150% OR drops below 50% of baseline ?

This makes issue little bit more complex. There is logical AND between all metrics conditions within single alert, which means all the conditions have to be met in order to trigger the alert. So even if you'll add two baseline relative conditions (which is allowed), it won't solve your case, because there is no value which is above 150 and below 50 at the same time, so there is no value which could trigger such alert.

But don't worry, that doesn't mean we can not find the solution for your case.

My advice is to create two separate alerts, one with condition > 150%, another one with condition < 50%. You can give the same name for both alerts, you can create the same notifications and send them to the same recipients list. If you use email notifications, you can define the same email subject and enable emails aggregation for those two alerts. With such configuration, your two alerts will be perceived practically like a single alert.

Best Regards


hi Jacek,

We are not using NAM but using DCRUM SP8.could you please suggest for DCRUM level?

Hi Shyamala

I'm afraid DC RUM 2017 is not as flexible as Dynatrace NAM in alerting area. NAM 2018 contains completly rebuilded alerting system, which is much more powerful, flexible and user friendly and handling cases like one you described is only one of its many benefits. There are further improvements around the alerts in NAM 2019

Thus the best advice I can give you would be upgrade your system to NAM 2019.

Of course we can try to look for workarounds for your case, like two separate alerts (it is not possible to define two baseline conditions within single alert in DC RUM 2017), but I'm sure that sooner or later (rather sooner...) we'll encounter serious issues. So one more time, migration to newest version NAM is the best way for solving this problem.

Best Regards,


Hi Jacek,

We have configured the alert for benchmark value comes below 150%( <150). But still we are not getting proper alerts.

can you please suggest how exactly parameters need to give.

attaching screen shoot.


Venkata Machineni

Hi Venkata,

Please, attach also screenshot with Detection setting tab of your alert definition

Attached screen shot.

Thank you,

This requires further investigation.

Please, either create support ticket (attach alerts definition, logs, Alerts log etc.) or email me (I've already send you an email), let's schedule a call if possible


Hi Jacek,

I have created the support ticket (SUPDCRUM-27982) can you take further investigation.

And can you please share the logs and alert log's path's where its available to attach.


Venkata Machineni