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Alert on Page delivery success

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I would like to add as a filter "Page success" (2XX), but the only way I found to do it is by creating an "auxiliary metric" with a compound of:
"http other errors 4xx" + "http error 404" + "http error 407,401" + "http error 5xx"
and using the output filter of this auxiliar metric < 1.

Do you think is there another metric instead of the compound auxilary metric that I could use?

Or another better way to alert just on HTTP 2XX ?

Thank you


Hi Rodrigo

Can i ask why you would want to alert on a success? Would you not get too many alerts?

Anyway i think you are over complicating this. If you have set up your availability settings correctly then the count of operations will be the count of successful pages, you can then just alert on operations >1



Thank you Alasdair,

The point of this alert is to raise when the operations with 2xx are taking more than 1 second. (avoiding to trigger the alert when some 4xx or 5xx error happens)
So I'm trying to filter those that return a 4xx or 5xx.

Sorry,I don't understand how operations > 1 could work.
If I have 1 operation 5xx and in the Alert filtering "operation > 1", the alert should raise as I still have 1 operation (but 5xx). Or for some reason in the alerts, the metric operations just counts the 2xx operations?

Hi Rodrigo

OK so you only want to alert on response times for successful operations.

In that case there is no need to worry about return codes but rather setting up availability correctly. In DCRUM response times are only measured for operations that completed without error.

What i was saying above remains the case too that requests are only treated as operations if they complete successfully, if they don't then they are failures. So make sure you set all the 4xx and 5xx errors that you want as failures and you only need to worry about the operations then.

Perhaps this screenshot will make it clearer.



Great now makes sense !
Thank you