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Alerts issue, data access restrictions



I have made several alerts Rum console and have been working fine, but now a year later it will not send the alerts to recipients.

Getting the notification I have pasted below.

We have shutdown a couple of AMD on a old infrastructure that no longer receiving data other then that no changes have been made.

Been going through the setup but can not figure out where the restrictions should be.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Claus,

From the message above it looks like Data Access Restrictions are enabled and the user you are trying to send a notification to does not have access any access to view data from any software services. You can either change the user rights options and give that user rights to view software service data or disable Data Access Restrictions.

Information for Data Access Restrictions can be found here.


Hi Cosmin,

Thank, works fine when I Disable Control data access.

Weird thing is that I had looked at permissions and one of the users to receive mail from a couple of the alerts is me, and I have all mighty access so permissions should be ok.

Touching on this, since I run into similar issue after a SP upgrade, CAS 12.3.9 over 12.3.6.
Even admin users face this.

Message here was "<...> due to data access restrictions on dimension Application"

See other question here:


Same issue 😞
I am an administrator and i have this message.

DCRUM 12.3.9

Only by switching off the control of data access, under Data Access Permission - Global Configuration we get the impacted (application based) alerts to work. Under: http://<CAS>/MultiTenancy

We have opened a case, but support is also surprised by this unexpected behaviour.

Didier, is that after upgrade to 12.3.9, recently?

I can't tell you. Before upgrade to 12.3.9, i did not configure any alerts.
I just start playing with alerts...

I switch on the control of data access months ago, before 12.3.9 upgrade.
So I can not switch off the control of data access, i will lost all my configuration

On what dimension do you get this error reported?