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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Alerts to sms gate from CAS


When creating CAS alert there is possiblity to send alerts by email or SNMP. But our client want us to send sms in case of some problems. The sms gate they use work with SMPP messages. Is there posibility to send alerts by SMPP???

P.S: we also have BSM installed if this can help.



In 12.3 you can send alerts via a script. You could potentially write, e.g., a python script that would route those alerts to the smpp gate - here is something I found 



thanks for your reply, at customer we have version 12.2, can something been done in this version?

Hi Alex,

I am afraid but you will need 12.3 to do that. But this will be available soon.

We are in beta stage if your customer would like to check the upcoming features.


OK thanks,

we will wait for this feature)

Hi Sebastian,

One of our client has upgraded DCRUM Setup(AMD, CAS, ADS) to 2017 SP3, now they are looking for sms alerts, can you please guide us.


What I had in mind was the solution based on the Alert scripting:

When googling for SMS delivery I stumbled upon as a potential solution - but you would need to have Python installed on the same machine as CAS.

If you just want to deliver notifications to mobile device but it does not have to be through SMS, there is an existing integration with Slack which will (after installing an app on the mobile device) deliver mobile notifications.

There is also a service, which delivers a very simple API for sending notifications to Android and iOS devices. I believe it could do the trick. Alternatively it is possible to send notifications to a personal email address delivered by PushOver.