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Application / Transaction Reports

We have a system which is running DCRUM, and are seeing some strange issues with some specific application/transaction groupings.

Normally I would take this through the ServiceDesk, and probably will in parallel, but this is an extremely secure system so I will not be able to extract any configuration from it, so I was hoping that someone may have seen this issue in the past; or have some idea of what's causing it.

We have a configuration which defines an Application, with Transactions, and Transaction steps, configured across multiple tiers (up to 10), and this configuration has been set, with minor amendments in the last few months, such as a new transaction added, removed, or similar.

The issue we are seeing is that in July, once we updated to this version, historic numbers were changed in the DMI reports (Mar-Jun), and at the time as this was not yet a live system, we put this down to an upgrade anomaly and accepted the figures.  This has now occurred again, with no upgrades or similar being made, the aggregated figures for July-Oct have retrospectively changed; leading to our reports being invalid that are now being sent to a customer.

Has anybody seen anything similar to this or have any idea of what may be causing it?




Hi Morgan

What kind of figures are we tralking of here, both in terms of the metric as well as the size of the change?

When do the changes occur?

If you do the reports more granular (week) do you see the same differences as well?

Reason for asking is that there is a roll up taking place and this will impact quarterly or more long term figures as data is added over time to the report. This will probably be more visible (no change) if you base your report on weeks.

Hey Ulf,

It's actually monthly aggregated figures of Operation Time, so nothing too complex.

The issue here is that each month we copy the numbers to a spreadsheet to show the performance trend and supply to a customer, and it has changed past months.  We don't do a similar thing for weeks/days so we cannot see if those have changed too sadly.

Jumps are as below:


As you can see, they're quite significant...

I have tried correlating it down to whether some specific transactions have been the ones impacted but it's difficult to see without something to compare against, all I can say for sure is that anything we have added recently has not suddenly added performance numbers for previous periods.. 


Ok - I'd be concerned too if I had those changes.

Does the "New" column change every month or is the change a one time event?

I'm not clear on how you format the report, i.e. is it a stand alone month or is it a bar in a diagram that builds up over time?

As a side note, I'd probably (for my own sanity) set up a monthly PDF report and archive that in my inbox.

I'd also put some pressure on that ticket....

It's a one time event, so we've just noticed it today for the previous three months where it has changed the three as above.

Essentially what we do is just have a very simple report showing the six configured applications, for the previous 12 months, with their monthly Operation Time charted in both a Table and a Graph to give a view of high level performance.

Obviously the main issue is being able to trust the numbers when things like this happen - I raised a case so will try and chase it through.  It becomes difficult as it's a secure environment! (smile)