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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Application/Transactions/Reporting Groups effect on URL Aging


I have read a few posts mentioning different things about this. They mention if there is a wildcard in application or transaction definition they will not be aged out. We have applications defined in the default manner which is specifying a software service and leaving server ip as "*", type as "operation", and label as "*". We have some transactions defined with type as "operation" and label as an explicit URL and others with type as "operation mask" and label as something like "*". Not all application have transactions defined. Will any URLs age out in this configuration? I understand that those URLs that are explicitly defined in the transactions will never be and if I enable "VAS_URL_AGING_CHECK_MASK" those transactions with a mask will be, but what about those applications with no transactions?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Since you have doubts I assume you're on 12.3.x, where VAS_URL_AGING_CHECK_MASK setting is no longer taken into account and operations that belongs to RGs/Trans/Apps are aged out no matter if they are specified with asterisk or explicitly. This configuration is no longer a secure against aging out for learned operations.

If you don't want some operations to be aged out you must configure them statically in RUM Console.

However for some decodes, i.e. SOAP, OF, etc. it's not possible and operations will be aged out anyway and what only can be done is playing with RTM_URLAGING_* that are global thus risky from capacity perspective.

We're in the middle of the discussion with Development/ProdMgmt about the above change and would like to hear from you (all DC RUM customers) use cases where BUC configuration is the only way to keep operations that are aging out ...

I am on 12.2.3. I believe the problem we have is that URLs are not aged out because they are matched to a transaction and/or application. We are considering whether or not to enableVAS_URL_AGING_CHECK_MASK as well as removing unnecessary transaction definitions. So if applications are defined in the default manner which is specifying a software service and leaving server ip as "*", type as "operation", and label as "*" will all URLs not be aged out?

Yes, if VAS_URL_AGING_CHECK_MASK = 1 then all operations falling under such RG/App/Trans will not be aged out. But it applies only to < 12.3 and higher.

VAS_URL_AGING_CHECK_MASK is currently set to 0. Does that mean that they are being aged out now and by setting it to 1 they will stop being aged out? I was under the impression that it was the other way around.

And do you mean it applies to 12.3 and higher or lower? I was confused by the "< 12.3 and higher."

Sorry for the confusion.

Having if set to 0 means that such operations are aged out if you are under 12.3.0.

Starting from 12.3.0 this property is obsolete and only setting the operation as monitored statically in RUM Console can prevent aging ...