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Application not available in AHS


Our front end (FE) tier software service is a F5 which is connected to our web servers. The external port on the F5 is receiving SSL traffic; the internal F5 port is sending the same traffic, but has been "converted" to HTTP traffic passed on to the web server. We don't have the SSL decoder. Currently we have the FE F5 software service listed as a "front end tier" however we aren't receiving operations for the F5, but we are receiving operations for the web server. As it stands now, the web portal applications are not listed on the AHS.

So my we need to have the Web F5 (FE) software service? Do I need to have it listed as a "front end tier"? Or should I create a new tier, "Web Server FE" and add the web server software service and list it as a "front end tier"?

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To see it on AHS, data from this App must also be a part of Front-End Tier.