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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Associate user activity in front and back of the Citrix server



We are deploying DCRUM 12.2 in Citrix environment. We would like to know, if is it possible to associate the citrix user with queries executed in database server?

Is there a configuration to associate them?

The database server is accessed through of application in citrix farm, however, we are unable to identify who are the citrix users. The unique user that has been identified was the user to do the authentication with database server.

In this case we are seeing just the unique user (application user) but we are not seeing the citrix user (the customer).

TCAM is already installed in citrix server of the farm.

Thanks for your help.






Hi Dornelas

Yes - you should be able to exactly this, However - this depending on whether there is encryption turned on in Citrix or not and what kind

Check chapter 2 in the "Citrix/Windows Terminal Services Monitoring User Guide" PDF (tongue) 

Hi Ulf.

It's mandatory to config citrix Software Service and SQL Software Service on the same AMD?!



Hi Allison

It's never mandatory to configure anything (smile) It all depends on what you want to see and how you want to see it.

Some shops only care about the connection between the User and the first tier while others want to see the whole ADC (Application Delivery Chain) including LoadBalancers, Firewall and DNS. Others only care for fractions of a ADC since some components and functions are outside their control (or care).

What do you need toi visualise and measure?

For sure 🙂 . Actually I need to see the Citrix user at frontend and the same user at SQL requests on the backend. But the process user and don't the dbuser. 


What comes to mind is turning off User Identification on the SQL tier but somehow relating the SQL connection with the Citrix connection.

I would recommend opening a ticket with support to see if this is a way or if they have a better idea.

Thanks Ulf.

I'm already turn off the sql user identification, but no success. I'm trying to redirect the traffic to only one AMD for test. If this doesn't work I'll open a ticket.

Dynatrace Supporter
Dynatrace Supporter

Hi everyone,

In the case of integration Citrix user with Oracle queries, was necessary to disable the user name recognition in Oracle Software Service.

After the change has been possible to see the Citrix Users associated with the queries in the database, because the Citrix was using Microsoft Domain Account and the Oracle was using internal users.