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Auditing how metrics are rolled up


Our client is using DC-RUM data to put on their annual report. As such the auditor general wants to verify preferably via direct calculation but alternately via documentation or explanation, how the DC-RUM figures are aggregated. We're still on 11.7 but about to upgrade as soon as I can get this out of my hair and verify siimilar functions are available in 12.2. 

The main metric we are currently using are the page load time distributions and the auditor wants to trace the process from source data through to the page load time distribution and assure themselves that the calculation tallies. On checking this myself there seem to be some anonmalies. 

If I drill into the pages constituting a software service, export that report to excel and calculate a weighted average, its out by 5-10%. The sum of the pages displayed on the summary line does not correlate with this same sum in excel or calculated manually from the DC-RUM data on screen. The total number of pages displayed in the page load distributions tallies with the summary line. I'm guessing certain pages might be excluded from the summary but couldn't see any immediate correlation ie. with error pages etc. etc. 

Paradoxically, we appeared to get more pages in the export than were displayed in DC-RUM




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


What is your exact version of DC RUM?

Hi Adam

We're now on 12.3.3 although i logged a support call and based on that was able to explain to the auditors that the url's are aged so the likelihood of us having all the source data is close to nothing. We gave them the aging algorithms, but they wanted a simpler answer and we therefore got an audit finding. So our view is that its going to be better if our data is not used on the annual report or that the auditor employs staff who are willing to put in sufficient effort to understand the aging algorithms.



Auditors usually come from a different planet 🙂