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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Autocheck Proxy Configuration

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I've a customer request for an auto check to monitor a web page that redirects from a internal address (that doesn't require a proxy) to an external address (that does require a proxy).

The proxy however does not server internal pages.

The workstations browsers (IE) are configured with an automatic proxy script, which excludes internal addresses from the proxy. So operate as expected. Navigate to internal page, gets 302 to external page proxy takes over and we get the external page back in the browser.

The Agent however, you can configure an Auto check to either use a proxy or not use a proxy. the results in the following behaviours.

- proxy off: internal URL, Auto check times out packet capture shows the internal URL was accessed, and the 302 redirect found, but then nothing.

- proxy on: internal URL, Auto check reports 404 error. packet capture shows access to proxy server and return a 404.

- proxy off: external URL, Auto check times out. packet capture shows no connection. (as expected).

- proxy on: external URL, Auto check success. packet capture confirms connection to external URL.

So while we can successfully monitor the external URL, the business requirement is to monitor the internal URL and it's redirect. It appears we can not do this, because with the proxy it doesn't work, and without the proxy the redirect is actioned by the agent, but times out - and we get a failure. I note there's an option for the auto check to fail on redirect, but nothing to ignore a redirect.

Additionally, can we add a proxy rule that will exclude internal addresses and proxy external ones?



Hello Chris,

What you
want to do is not supported with Auto checks. You can post this
enhancement request in DCRUM
Product Ideas

with your specific URL monitoring requirements, you can try using the Agent
Recorder to access the internal URL and wait for certain text or image from the
redirected external URL page to measure the availability and time.


Joanne Chen